Thank you for partnering with TEMITOPE through THE LUMPY COUCH, and participating in “a music movement empowering the Church to be reconcilers through loving ourselves and others beyond comfort.” Whether you choose to partner once or monthly, know that your generosity and support is greatly appreciated. This ministry would not happen without you.




  1. For the kindness of my parents to watch our kids every week so that Jordan and I get some intentional time together
  2. For the one-on-one time that Jordan and I are getting with our kids
  3. For the opportunities to share my music and mission with church communities this month
  4. For how God has continued to provide for our family through people, like you ♥️


  1. For open doors to new opportunities to share my music and mission with church communities in October
  2. For increased faith and trust as we wait on God to provide – He has not failed us yet!
  3. For breakthrough and freedom for the men and women who are incarcerated in the facilities where I will be ministering with Prison Fellowship in Nebraska



  1. For thankfulness and trust for provision in this next season
  2. For a favor, ease and speed in the final stages of securing a partnership with Capitol Records
  3. For intentional family time amidst lots of travel
  4. For God to continue bringing people to partner with us and sow into the vision of this ministry



  1. For the right partners at the right time
  2. For the continued development of our trust and character
  3. For new dreams and visions for THE LUMPY COUCH, and the direction of Holy Spirit to pursue them
  4. For energy and focus to complete the next adaption of A RECONCILER’S GUIDE
  5. For the upcoming events for TEMITOPE
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