Let’s get comfortably uncomfortable.

THE LUMPY COUCH is a resource aggregator created by TEMITOPE to empower the Church to be reconcilers through loving ourselves and others beyond comfort. It functions as a hub for conversations, educational media and life-changing practices that all provide practical tools for the Church to use in implementing the work of reconciliation through the power of God.

Generally speaking, TEMITOPE sees himself more as of an “equipper” than an “artist.” By pairing music with resources, such as those previous listed, TEAM TEMITOPE extend opportunities for the Church to exercise the language and reconciliatory practices overtly communicated in his original music.


We are a music movement empowering the Church to be reconcilers through loving ourselves and others beyond comfort.


We want to see authentic people in a multicultural Church for a reconciled world.

Authentic People – God has shaped each person to reflect His heart in a unique way. People must learn to be and celebrate themselves. Only then can they become and experience all that God has created them to be, and bless others.

Multicultural Church – God has created the Church to be and look different. The love of God breaks the lines of color, culture and creed, and reveals an invitation for every person to find their purpose in His greater story. As such, people should bring their authentic selves to the Church and celebrate how the Gospel unites.

A Reconciled World – God reconciled the Church to Himself, and charged the Church to reconcile the world so that others can experience His love. Through its multiculturalism, the Church stands as an example to the world of the beauty of reconciliation. As a result, everyone has the opportunity to find their place in the family of God.

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