This GUIDE is divided by “Day” and each one is paired with a distinct visual experience. Plan to spend at least 48 hours working through each Day’s content. Don’t rush through.

Reconciliation requires significant time in order to thoroughly reflect, repent, respond and rejoice.

1. Pray.

2. Work through each Day’s content.

3. Complete the revealed work in the RESPOND section before starting the next Day.

To document your journey and take practical steps toward reconciliation to your life (the pass code for access will be sent to you after you request it by emailing

*Please keep in mind that the PDF formatting may be incorrect when viewing as a webpage, but corrects itself when you download it to and view it on your device.

**This GUIDE is being provided for free so if you’d like to donate its production, as well as future GUIDES and projects, please visit the PARTNER page.

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